Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upcoming Ugyen Pandey !!

Tandin Wangchuk
Tandin Wangchuk, voting no. 08, a contestant in Little Stars came all the way from Khaling School to sing and make a platform for himself in Thimphu. He is not only a contestant for me but also he is my Nephew.  He is not blind by birth but with time he lost his sight when he was in class 2. Just not to throw his parents in trouble he pretended not to be blind instead he acted as if he was normal. I still remember when he was brought home accompanied by some strangers saying he was stroked in traffic about to be hit by a truck because by then he had lost his sight. We asked him what’s wrong with him but he didn’t utter a word. It was so rude of us that we didn’t go in depth why it happened to him. To our surprise he failed in class two not that he is bad in studies but he didn’t write anything in the answer sheet because he couldn’t read the questions. How could he read?? He had already lost his sight by then. Still he didn’t tell us thinking that he might keep his parents in sad. When we enquired why he failed the Principal of the school showed us his answer sheet. Our doubts were cleared that time. Tears rolled by my eyes when I saw his answer sheet.  What a strong boy I should say, he just tried to write the answers   on the paper to keep the secret that he is blind but he didn’t knew that his results will tell us everything. He have written the answers on question paper itself thinking that it is answer sheet that also not in straight line . It was not at all an answer that a student can write with good sight. From that time we came to know that he became blind and we immediately took him to Thimphu Hospital for checkup. Not to our shock Doctor told us that he has lost his sight. His parents couldn’t stop themselves breaking down in tears.
With a positive hope in our hearts we took him to Chennai Hospital for his eyes operation funded by our Govt. but that didn’t help. It turned out to be even more worst because by that he lost his sight permanently.  That time I realized why God is so rude on this little boy.  But today my concern is not about his eyes but more focused on his talents as a contestant in Little Stars. When he first came to me saying he got selected in top 21 to sing in the show called Little Stars, I was not that serious about it but when the show began and when he reached Top 9 without getting  into danger zone for once also that time I really believed that he really has a talent. That doesn’t mean that I don’t watch his show. Right from the beginning I watched his show and was his fan.  The judges always use to comment him the he is the next Ugyen Pandey, A famous singer in our country.  Then week by week he reached Top 7 hearing the same comment from the judges that he is our little Ugyen. I use to be very happy hearing those beautiful comments from the Judges.
Unexpectedly on March 15, Thursday he got out from the show due to low votes from the viewers.  I am not blaming the viewers that they didn’t vote for him but it would have been better if he stays one week extra. I am sure that the talents he has will not make every Bhutanese to regret for their vote on him. He is really worth for their vote.
I am sure every Bhutanese liked his voice and above all myself being his Azha, I am really proud of my nephew. No matter he is out of show I guess he will always remain in the hearts of his fans. I am writing this not because I am his azha but to encode that he is really a good singer. With all those good comments from Judges of Little Stars, all renowned singers of Bhutan I wish there are lots of doors open for him in his future Endeavour. I wish him luck and success …..

Sunday, January 8, 2012


A strange thought struck my mind today, I mean tonight. Its 3 a.m. in the morning and I'm here typing this because I can't sleep. Yes, I have been suffering sleeping disorder for a month now.
Let me get to the point anyway, you see I study about how small the transistors are and how explicitly they are used in every technology piece.

I am here combining all these (even 1000 times smaller than human hair) transistors, theoritically for now though, to amplify the voltage gain, to filter out the noise, to store some data, to convert signals from one form to another, and the list can go on. I am here, writing strange computer programs to generate some crazy combinations of random numbers in order to provide privacy and the security to the technology user, like for ATM card.

Damn, Is this what I should be doing? There are millions of people all around the world who are experts in this field and I know that me studying this will not contribute anything to anyone, not even a invisible drop.
On the other hand there are things which me and only me can do in this world, making difference in the life of people who loves me and cares for me. Being there for them whenever they need me and at the least not give them  equal tension and worry about the exams that I have  to appear after studying all those  crazy stuffs.

Oh yes, I do have career aspirations but a simple one. I always wanted to do some further studies on how the houses and streets of developed countries are beautifully lite. Why these countries don't suffer power outages (0 outage I shoud say in Leuven, Belgium)? I wonder  how the electrical distributions are done? I mean, what kind of equipments do they use? The European countries and other developed countries in the world have very reliable and neat power supply network even though the city is crowded with people using  electric appliances for every imaginable thing. 

I know there are number of Bhutanese experts in this field, but our country can still have more. Unlike other countries  in our country, in summer southern part of the country suffer constant power outage mainly because of harsh weather. Like in my village, Gelephu, my parents have to live without electricity even for more than three weeks in hot summer. Likewise in winter, northern part suffers constant power outage due to overloading as I have seen in Thimphu. Are people in Thimphu using more electric appliances than those in cities of Europe?? I know there are good number of people who can answer this question in Bhutan, but still the problems persist. So I wanted to see if there is anything that I can contribute to help my country fight these problems.

All and all what I want to say is that I have had enough,  I will do my master once  and I am not going to waste  it over some transistors and ICs. They are awesome in their applications but not meant for me.

Thank you for reading this crap..

Kinley Zangmo

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Labor Pain !

Labor pain is the first in the histories--
That has a sweet flavor through miseries!
There’d be rainbows of many colors
Amidst the fieriest soreness under labor?

Labor pain is a beautiful pain-
Only to follow again and again!
For it gives a break to evoke into past moments
For how fabulous was it? A thought of a baby!

Awe! Awe..! Awe..! Repeats in the next room,
While panicking in dismay awaiting the boom!
I swear it to be the last of a try-
Unknown the fact we’d crave another baby’s cry!

Aweeee….!! Follows another strike
“where’s my baby?” yelling at the nurse
Who still is so calm and bright?
Whilst I, in a terrible curse!

So, it’s the labor pain,
That weighs the highest gain-
For it fetches we, a ransom of a birth,
A baby! The generation to follow thee existence!

It’s the pain all mamas akin to endure-
For it’s perceived for “after the pain!” so will it cure
all soreness, a kiss to that delicate pearl-
A life the takes an amazing turn!

Written by: Parbati Rai , BPC
Compiled by: Me

The only son !

“That first instance I looked at you, Oh! -
I thanked to god for having you beautiful so!
When I first held you in m’arms--
Pledged I, to be the guard of all harms”

“The first smile you tossed upon me,
The proudest! Of all fathers, felt me”--
“Your first utterance “Pa” remained in m’heart,
I realized then, I had someone to stand by me!”(Says the father)

He nurtured you taller,
Shielded you to be the safest of all toddlers;
He kept you warm; whilst the rain drenched he--
Never had he complained; “for your deeds amiss”

For he hides his tears shed, though
Whilst you develop a saunter through vicious row!
He led you into ’tis world by your fingers held--
But you let him distant and not his wishes felt.

Sleepless were those nights, he spent through-
Only to heal your illnesses while you grew!
He starved hundredth times, tryn’ to give you the best--
The only son of he, noticed no food of his taste yet?

Gray days are today, - led for he,
Whilst bloom are your days and glee,-
Alone you set the days for you--
Awaits he uncertain for your late return too!

Written by:       Pārbati Rai , BPC
Complied by: Me

Friday, December 2, 2011

My Interview in BPC !

My interview in BPC was the first interview in my life, that i did  2 months after  i completed my engineering course. I always aimed to join in BPC because BPC is the organization which really deals with the technical works practically.where by fresh graduates like us gets hands on practice in field right after our theory based college learning . Bhutan Power Corporation was first formed in 1st July  2002 . It was separated from the former department of power not only to ensure that electricity is available to all citizens but also to make sure that it is reliable,adequate and above all within the means of all customers. Going through an interview is really difficult task because the panel of judges not only checks our subject knowledge but also they will see our personality, skills and have to be really good in communicating them.So during the BPC interview also there was 5 interviewers comprising of 2 ladies and three men. Every interviewer asked many questions but i will be referring them as just interviewers here after.

Interviewer : Tell me something about yourself , where you are from and where you studied ?
Myself  : My name is Pema Wangchuk. I am from Chukha ,  jabchho gewog. I have finished my plus two from punakha higher secondary school and did my Engineering from college of science and technology , kharbandi. During my study in college i did a project in distribution system since i am keenly interested in distribution system i took a case study of phuentsholing distribution system and succeeded in completing the project with joint effort of my group mates. I also did my job training in BPC, ESD to explore more on distribution systems.

Interviewer : Why did you applied for the post ?
Myself : Since one of the vacancy announced by your organization falls in distribution system i am very much interested to join in it and explore more about distribution system which i may have left unexplored or ignored during the completion of my project. More over i will also get a chance to work in practical if i join your organization.

Interviewer : Why are you interested to join in BPC ?
Myself : Since BPC is one of the largest corporation in Bhutan. I saw BPC is growing so fast not only in terms of employment opportunities but also it is growing in technology wise. It also have experienced and highly qualified employees which contribute a lot to the development of the country. I also would like to join and want to see myself growing with the company.

Interviewer : You have used a software in your project . Can you  tell us something about the software and why you used  it and for what ?
Myself :  This software is a very user friendly software. It is called PSS-ADEPT , developed by power technologist company for the engineers to design and analyze electrical distribution system. It also enables us to graphically create, edit and analyze power system models and diagrams. It has lots of functions like load flow analysis , short circuit analysis , protection coordination , harmonics studies and distribution reliability analysis (DRA). I mostly used the DRA function of this software since my project is on distribution systems and i used it for the calculation of reliability indices.

Interviewer : We don't use any software to calculate reliability indices , we do it manually . Can u please advice us that how will your software help us if we use it ? or it is ok with our present status ?
Myself : If you use the software i can say that it will be much easier for you in managing the reliability indices. once you have the network diagram drawn in the software then  you just have to give the fault data and the calculation of the indices will be easy and faster. If you use the software you can also plan and minimize the indices by identifying the poor zone and where to the placed the protective devices such that our system remains stable all time. 

Interviewer : After studying the phuentsholing distribution system what you have concluded ? Is the reliability good or bad ?
Myself : Sir from my opinion p/ling system has a good reliability since it has a SCADA system in placed and more than 60 % of the system consists of underground cable system thus the fault rate is very less and hence improving the reliability. but the remaining 40 % of the feeders consists of bare ACSR conductors which are really prone to lightning , storms and heavy rainfall. Since most of the causes of the faults are lightning and rainfall during summer season my team have recommended to use auto reclosers and shield wires  in this feeders so that the fault rate will be minimized. Reclosers should be placed in the middle of the feeder since it is the most appropriate place and lightning shield wire over the feeders.

Interviewer : What are your weakness and strengths ?
Myself :  My strength is that what ever i do i do it with full passion and determination. I am inclined to changes and i can move together with the changes of the organization system. I am dynamic. I lack exposure that is my weakness but during my college days we have lots of industrial tours inside and outside the country moreover i served as a class Councillor whereby i have to organize lots of college activities and deal with lots of personnel . Now i am almost confident that i had overcome my weakness.

Interviewer : Where do you see yourself after 10 years of time from now ?
Myself : I know that BPC have lots of experienced personnel so after 10 years of time i would see myself in such a post where by my seniors will appreciate my work and my juniors will respect my work. I see myself growing with the fast growing organization like BPC.

Interviewer : Ok you can leave .
Myself : Thank you sirs and madams.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ordinary work in Extraordinary way !

1st December is observed as a World AIDS day around the globe. Our country also observed this day at youth hall yesterday graced by Her Majesty Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuk, the guest of honor.
Five bold and brave hearted people came live in front of the people of the kingdom of Bhutan. With such a great day and extraordinary people like them made this day even more special in the history of Bhutan.

The five people who have HIV in their body came in front keeping all their worse fettle conditions back just to benefit the rest of the people of this peaceful country. This really proves that GNH is inbuilt in the people of this country. We as the citizen of this country a GNH based country should not enfold our thoughts that we should discriminate the affected ones but instead we should efface our dirty thoughts and try to escalate ourselves in giving a helping hand to the victims. They also have the right to live like us, eat like us and enjoy like us.
HIV disease is like any other disease that most of the people have in his/her body. We should not flee, jeer and look down to the people having this disease rather we should communicate with them to and educate people about how we can fight this and eradicate this disease from the peaceful country of ours. Even though it is a perilous disease the 5 people fascinated the public by coming up live in BBS and tried to educate the remaining people in a prudent manner. That was really amazing and incredible. Today there are only handful of them but pray that in future many more will come forward and share their thoughts with the public.

Hence, I presume that we being the citizen of this country will come forward and try to juxtapose with the affected peoples without any pessimist thoughts in our minds. I believe that 5 people did an ordinary work in an extraordinary way that will benefit all the citizens of this country. Such a people don’t find an extraordinary work they just make a simple ordinary work extraordinary. Thus we should look them and try not to harm others though we can’t help others.
Always try to login in a society which have a mind to help others and logout from the evil society which persist sinister mind and does nothing good for the country, that way you will promote and enhance our countries policy of “Gross National Happiness “and make this country a heaven and even more happier place to live. Let us all make Bhutan gleam and make each and every citizen of this land locked country proud. We will not try hard to let ourselves known to outside world but the values and our deeds should be worldwide known. Please remember that “there is a dragon in each one of us” His majesty once said.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can't say No to my Fate.

Like a dream of awaited years
fate took me to cst
with a blink of my eyes
I was standing in-front of  cst gate

Days passed like a shooting jet
every morning have to rush to class with that drawing set
felt as if i was struck in a fishy net
always looking for someone called  fate

One girl in  her workshop dress
always seems to be in stress
she carries that bulky drawing board
and rushes to the class like a cleaving sword

From the first day i saw her face
my heart beats with a great pace
her face was my everyday gaze
even tough i have piles of study race

you changed my world with a blink of an eye
that is something that i cannot deny
you put my soul from worst to best
that is why i treasure you my dearest marites

I wish i could talk to her till the end of day
but soon their GC(gals Councillor) will be out of her way
even tough i ' m running out of things to say
So I' ll end by the line you already know
"I love you " more than what i could say.