Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upcoming Ugyen Pandey !!

Tandin Wangchuk
Tandin Wangchuk, voting no. 08, a contestant in Little Stars came all the way from Khaling School to sing and make a platform for himself in Thimphu. He is not only a contestant for me but also he is my Nephew.  He is not blind by birth but with time he lost his sight when he was in class 2. Just not to throw his parents in trouble he pretended not to be blind instead he acted as if he was normal. I still remember when he was brought home accompanied by some strangers saying he was stroked in traffic about to be hit by a truck because by then he had lost his sight. We asked him what’s wrong with him but he didn’t utter a word. It was so rude of us that we didn’t go in depth why it happened to him. To our surprise he failed in class two not that he is bad in studies but he didn’t write anything in the answer sheet because he couldn’t read the questions. How could he read?? He had already lost his sight by then. Still he didn’t tell us thinking that he might keep his parents in sad. When we enquired why he failed the Principal of the school showed us his answer sheet. Our doubts were cleared that time. Tears rolled by my eyes when I saw his answer sheet.  What a strong boy I should say, he just tried to write the answers   on the paper to keep the secret that he is blind but he didn’t knew that his results will tell us everything. He have written the answers on question paper itself thinking that it is answer sheet that also not in straight line . It was not at all an answer that a student can write with good sight. From that time we came to know that he became blind and we immediately took him to Thimphu Hospital for checkup. Not to our shock Doctor told us that he has lost his sight. His parents couldn’t stop themselves breaking down in tears.
With a positive hope in our hearts we took him to Chennai Hospital for his eyes operation funded by our Govt. but that didn’t help. It turned out to be even more worst because by that he lost his sight permanently.  That time I realized why God is so rude on this little boy.  But today my concern is not about his eyes but more focused on his talents as a contestant in Little Stars. When he first came to me saying he got selected in top 21 to sing in the show called Little Stars, I was not that serious about it but when the show began and when he reached Top 9 without getting  into danger zone for once also that time I really believed that he really has a talent. That doesn’t mean that I don’t watch his show. Right from the beginning I watched his show and was his fan.  The judges always use to comment him the he is the next Ugyen Pandey, A famous singer in our country.  Then week by week he reached Top 7 hearing the same comment from the judges that he is our little Ugyen. I use to be very happy hearing those beautiful comments from the Judges.
Unexpectedly on March 15, Thursday he got out from the show due to low votes from the viewers.  I am not blaming the viewers that they didn’t vote for him but it would have been better if he stays one week extra. I am sure that the talents he has will not make every Bhutanese to regret for their vote on him. He is really worth for their vote.
I am sure every Bhutanese liked his voice and above all myself being his Azha, I am really proud of my nephew. No matter he is out of show I guess he will always remain in the hearts of his fans. I am writing this not because I am his azha but to encode that he is really a good singer. With all those good comments from Judges of Little Stars, all renowned singers of Bhutan I wish there are lots of doors open for him in his future Endeavour. I wish him luck and success …..

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